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More than 6 years of extensive manufacturing experience.

We have been providing customers with first-class SIGNS since 2003.

With many years of trade experience, we familiar with the needs of all national clients.

LED Epoxy Resin Signs


Cheap labor costs.

Signs production requires a lot of manual operation, therefore the labor cost will be significant percentage of the total costs.

China is a well-known low labor cost area. We have a lot of experienced technicians.

LED Acrylic Front-lit Signs with Stainless Steel Border


Provide one-stop service from design to production.

You just provide us with your ideas, the pictures of on-site environment for installation, and then we will design and produce the Signs for your satisfaction.

3D Stainless Steel Letters


Free replacement within 1 year for non-human induced damages.

Although our production and inspection are very strict, there still may have unseen problems during usage. Our after-sales support of one-year replacement will solve your worries.

Gold Electroplated Letters


Provide Membership Center.

You can easily manage your online orders and update the progress status of orders. Integrated PAYPAL online payment system is to facilitate your payment.

Painted Stainless Steel Signs
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About Us

We are a professional company in design and production of various types of indoor and outdoor advertising products.

The main products we current provide currently are: Acrylic Signs, LED Epoxy Resin Signs, Metal Signs and so on. We have some wonderful business partners in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guangdong. In order to produce advertising products to meet your needs, all the products are made by high quality material and produced by the experienced technicians using most advanced techniques and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

We export our products to United States, Canada, British, Germany, Sweden, Turk, Australia, Spain, France and Portugal etc. more than 10 nations worldwide since 2007. Our products are very welcome to our overseas clients.

Perhaps we will not give you the cheapest quotations, but we will give you the best quality and valuable products. After many years of successful business operations, our customers are from most locations in China and some from overseas. Based on the large numbers of customers, our production rate reaches at very high scale. Therefore we could produce relatively cheaper products with high quality.

As we have the responsibilities to maintain our product’s quality and our good business image. Based on our large team of experienced technicians and large production scales, you will find relatively cheaper products but with guaranteed quality.

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and look forward to providing you with the quality and competitive products or services. Please note that the response time may vary during China National Holidays.