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More than 6 years of extensive manufacturing experience.

We have been providing customers with first-class SIGNS since 2003.

With many years of trade experience, we familiar with the needs of all national clients.

LED Epoxy Resin Signs


Cheap labor costs.

Signs production requires a lot of manual operation, therefore the labor cost will be significant percentage of the total costs.

China is a well-known low labor cost area. We have a lot of experienced technicians.

LED Acrylic Front-lit Signs with Stainless Steel Border


Provide one-stop service from design to production.

You just provide us with your ideas, the pictures of on-site environment for installation, and then we will design and produce the Signs for your satisfaction.

3D Stainless Steel Letters


Free replacement within 1 year for non-human induced damages.

Although our production and inspection are very strict, there still may have unseen problems during usage. Our after-sales support of one-year replacement will solve your worries.

Gold Electroplated Letters


Provide Membership Center.

You can easily manage your online orders and update the progress status of orders. Integrated PAYPAL online payment system is to facilitate your payment.

Painted Stainless Steel Signs
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Shipping Fees


Currently, we mainly use DHL for door to door delivery; firstly because of DHL’s efficiency and comprehensive quality, and secondly because of years of cooperation with DHL enables us to get rate about 60% of the regular price. Of course you can also choose your own method of shipping.

For example of DHL delivery, the shipping fee is based on the weight of goods. There is two kinds of such weight, one is the actual weight, the other is volumetric weight which is calculated by parcel’s length*width*height/5000(cm), and take that number to be calculated. This means that if your signs’ size is very large, the volumetric weight is often much larger than the actual weight, resulting in freight rates soaring.

In this case, if you do not hurry, we recommend that you use sea transportation to delivery, so that will be able to save at least 70% of the freight costs. Of course, the cost is the transportation period will increase from 5 days of DHL to 20 days or so, as well as you will be required to go to the customs for clearance.