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LED Epoxy Resin Signs


Cheap labor costs.

Signs production requires a lot of manual operation, therefore the labor cost will be significant percentage of the total costs.

China is a well-known low labor cost area. We have a lot of experienced technicians.

LED Acrylic Front-lit Signs with Stainless Steel Border


Provide one-stop service from design to production.

You just provide us with your ideas, the pictures of on-site environment for installation, and then we will design and produce the Signs for your satisfaction.

3D Stainless Steel Letters


Free replacement within 1 year for non-human induced damages.

Although our production and inspection are very strict, there still may have unseen problems during usage. Our after-sales support of one-year replacement will solve your worries.

Gold Electroplated Letters


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Painted Stainless Steel Signs
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About The LED Epoxy Resin Signs


The LED epoxy resin signs is the result of the combination of the modern electronic technology and high polymer technology. It is made up of three major parts: special high polymer material, solid LED cold lamp house, framework.

LED epoxy resin signs are for the advertising sector counterparts and providing customers with the best solutions luminous markings. Also, with the energy-saving character,  LED epoxy resin signs have broad market prospects, environmental protection, beautiful, smart, the leading international standard of similar products production technology. LED epoxy resin signs widely used in traffic direction, the city lighting, construction signs, commercial advertising and other fields.

Economical Efficiency: Emitting light on a low voltage with DC 12V. 1/10 of power consumption compared with other lighting sources. Semi-permanent life span.
Safety: No risk for electric shock. No deformation or bending by UV rays. Safe 12V voltage.
Environmental Efficiency: No rays or chemical pollution. No noise at turn o and off.
Design: Various representations with color, brightness, shape and animation. Elegant design with the small size power device. Small signboard with three dimensional thickness of 25mm. Excellent message appeal-effect with super high luminescence.
Diversity on color: Available for various colors. LED will be Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White
Intensity: high intensity, resistant for pressure, strike, water, sour, alkali and explosion. Can work between -40℃(-40℉) to 80℃(176℉).
Maintenance: No maintenance expense. Maintaining clear with just water washing. Convenient installation.