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How To Choose Illuminated Signs: LED Acrylic Signs VS LED Epoxy Resin Signs


Presently, the Illuminated Signs types commonly used are Neon Signs, LED Acrylic Signs and LED Epoxy Resin Signs. NEON signs are currently being replaced by more energy efficient and brighter LED signs that we will not specifically describe here. More strictly, the LED Metal backlit Signs should be regarded as LED Acrylic Signs or LED Epoxy Resin Sign, is a derivative product, so that we will not specifically address it.

From the perspective of the light-emitting means, Illuminated Signs can be divided into Front-lit Signs, Back-lit Signs, Side-lit Signs and Whole-lit Signs. The following table will help you know the LED Acrylic Signs and LED Epoxy Resin Signs , you can have different results as these two kinds of signs are made by different processing technology.

LED Acrylic Signs LED Epoxy Resin Signs
Front-lit Signs Yes Yes
Back-lit Signs Yes Yes
Side-lit Signs Yes No
Whole-lit Signs Yes No

Each product also has its own advantages and disadvantages, see the table below:

Advantage Disadvantage
LED Acrylic Signs 1:Lightening edge is tidy

2:Can have a variety of light-emitting means

3:Good Maintainability

1:The price is slightly higher than the LED Epoxy Resin Signs

2:Light uniformity is slightly worse than the LED Epoxy Resin Signs

3:Because the whole structure is not strictly sealed, there will need strict processing technology and skilled technicians to complete the processing of water-proof/dust-proof. (This can be done by our company.)

LED Epoxy Resin Signs 1:Cheaper than the similar Acrylic Signs

2:Lighting even and gentle

3:Completely waterproof and dustproof

1:It is completely sealed by Resin and therefore can not be repaired

2:The edge of the paint part will affect the nature of lighting edges neatly. (white signs and stainless steel border signs which do not need to be painted do not have this problem)

3:Can not be have Side-lit/Whole-lit effect

Here is additional information waterproofing/dust proofing. Although the LED Epoxy Resin Signs and LED Acrylic Signs can be achieved the water-proof/dust-proof effect; the LED Epoxy Resin Signs can be achieved by its principle, because the SIGNS are entirely filled with Epoxy Resin; and LED Acrylic Signs can be achieved from the process level that requires high-precision cutting and assembly. Therefore although both Signs can achieve waterproof/dust-proof, we suggest using LED Epoxy Resin Signs if there is a requirement for waterproof/dust-proof.

From the above two tables, you will be able to see that LED Epoxy Resin Signs is more suitable for outdoor signs or when sight distance greater than 1 m; when it is used as indoor signs or when the sight distance is less than 1 m, the best choice is to use white Letters or Stainless steel border signs. Also, it’s better to choose Epoxy Resin as a filling material if you need Stainless steel backlit outdoor signs or Aluminum backlit outdoor signs; so that the backlit results will be more even and can also achieve complete waterproof/dust-proof. But for doing so would also lose the maintainability of the letters. We also recommend you to use LED Epoxy Resin Signs if the Illuminated Signs needs to work under special circumstances, such as high humidity environment.

When you need Side-lit signs or Whole-lit signs, you should choose the LED Acrylic Signs. Although the LED Epoxy Resin Signs can achieve Side-lit and Whole-lit results, this will see the LED light point and the visual effect is very bad. We also recommend that you use LED Acrylic Signs if you need the Illuminated Signs to be displayed with sight distance less than 1 meter, as well as the border must be colorful; as its light-emitting edges is very neat.

After reading this article, I believe you can know how to choose the Illuminated Signs. Although the LED Epoxy Resin Signs is a revolution in advertising products, such as even light-emitting, and able to work in a variety of environments and low prices; but the LED Acrylic Signs also has its own advantages. Choose appropriate signs according to your needs. If you still do not know how to choose, you can contact us and we will give you reasonable proposals.